Unique Events and Festivals Held Around the World

People and cultures globally have conducted fascinating celebrations known throughout the history. Quite a lot of these celebrations continue to exist at this present time. They are actually a strategy for cultural communities to keep on with honoring their traditions. Following are five most unique events and festivals held around the world.


La Tomatina


This festival is an annual event held in the town of Bunol, Spain. It is normally conducted yearly on the last Wednesday of the month of August. It is a massive food-fight celebration that lasts for a week. The fight officially starts after one person makes it to the top a high two-storey wooden pole. There is a ham placed onto of the pole and traditionally, water cannons are fired and the fight commences when the ham is seized. Individuals fight each other with squashed tomatoes and the battle only lasts for one hour.


Phallus Festival


Phallus festival is usually celebrated by two countries, Japan and Greece. The festival revolves around a local metal penis shrine. Prostitutes would visit the shrine and pray to be protected against sexually transmitted diseases. Yearly during the month of April, on Monday before Lent shrines and merchandise that are phallic shaped are seen throughout the city. In addition, people purchase all sorts of products that resemble penises. People also consume foods and breads, which are phallic, shaped and tease each other with models that look like penis.


Thaipusam Festival


This festival is celebrated by Asian countries on the full moon during the Tamil month, which is either in January or February. Body piercing is part of the annual festival. Participants begin the celebration with a three-mile walk in the early morning hours. In this parade, devotees offer thanksgiving to their gods as they seek blessings. They also carry milk pots as a symbol of purity and virtue, and Kavadis to symbolize humility together with devotion.

The Hindu community believes that for spiritual preparation, devotees have to endure physical pain. Therefore, they endure piercing themselves using skewers on their tongues and other body parts. Prior to the event, participants must observe a strict practice such as vegetarian diet and abstinence. The main aim of the celebration is to thank their gods for granting their wishes and enabling them to conquer their demons.


Monkey Buffet Festival


The monkey buffet celebration is conducted yearly on November 25th in the province of Lopburi, Thailand. Residents in this province believe that monkeys shower someone with good fortunes in the form of visitors. The festival was established so as to promote tourism in Thailand. It was a means of the residents to pass gratitude to the monkeys for bringing tourism to the province. Tables of fruits and other type of foods are set up to allow the monkeys to eat as they please and run around. Annually thousands of people, both locally and internationally come to witness the celebration.

Every region in the world celebrates unique festivals that are traditions of their culture. Although some of modern festivals are conducted as a form of entertainment for certain geographical areas. Unique events and festivals held around the world have also been used by many countries as a tourism attraction.

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10 Most Anticipated Music Festivals Around the World

Concerts are awesome. The booming music emanating from all directions, the crowd of people feeding your high (the legal and metaphorical kind that is. But if you engage in the other kind, you must be having an excellent time). It’s almost like it can’t get any better. But wait, it does. Imagine your favorite concert with your favorite artist, but along with at least dozen more of your favorites, with more stages, people, and fun…and maybe even in another country. In no particular order, here are the 10 most anticipated music festivals around the world:


1. Tomorrowland


It’s known to be one of the, maybe even THE biggest electronic music festivals in the world. It’s held in Boom, Belgium (sounds appropriate) for three days and usually at the end of July, as the date varies from year to year. Past headliners have been: Skrillex, Aviici, David Guetta, Afrojack, Swedish House Mafia and Steve Aoki. If you’re into raves and electro, this place is for you and you better make your way over to Belgium.


2. Coachella

Jack Johnson Cherry Picker

It’s held in Indio, California as a two weekend-3 day festival. Initially organized to cater to the indie alternative scene, this festival has evolved to include artists such as Snoop Dogg, Paul McCartney, Arcade Fire, RadioHead, Kanye West, Daft Punk, Rise against the Machine and many more. Many attendees adorn themselves in “hippie” wear with neon tie-dye rampant and flowers in hair. Coachella is one of the most famous and largest music festivals in the US. In fact, besides seeing your favorite rapper on stage, some celebrities have been known to show up and party with the rest of the attendees. Sounds epic.

3. Bonnaroo


This 4 day music festival held in Manchester, Tennessee and has roots to jam bands and rock folk. It’s diversified over the years to include other genres but has stayed true to its origin. Some known acts have been: Nine Inch Nails, The Beach Boys, Pearl Jam, Jay-Z, Dave Matthews Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bon Iver. If you’re a rocker at heart and like to jam, Bonaroo calls you.

4. Rock in Rio


Originating in Brazil, this festival spans out to not only Rio De Janeiro but Lisbon Portugal and Madrid Spain. Since its inception, the festival has cycled locations between the 3 countries. Notable acts been: Beyonce, Metallica, Queen, Foo Fighters, N’Sync, Coldplay, Maroon 5 and System of a Down.

5. SXSW (South by Southwest)


This music, film and interactive festival take place annually in Austin, Texas. With over 2,200 performers and bands playing in dozens of venues, attendees can enjoy not only music, but film and the latest of emerging technology setups. Sister festivals include North by Northwest held in Portland Oregon and North by Northeast in Toronto, Canada. Big Budget Films like The Evil Dead, Cabin in the Woods and 21 Jumpstreet were premiered at SXSW and the more recent Spring Breakers was filmed in Austin as well. Music headliners have been: John Mayer, James Blunt, Paramore and Foo Fighters.

6. Roskilde


Known as the largest music festival in northern Europe, Roskilde Music Festival takes place in Zealdn, Denmark. Like Coachella, Roskilde has hippie roots but has been performed at by many artists of every genre since its forming in the 70’s. Past Performers have been: Rihanna, Slipknot, Kings of Leon, Green Day, Franz Ferdinand, Muse and countless others. The Scandinavians have a crazy time.

7. Lollapalooza


This music festival has hosted a range of different performing acts within the spheres of Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal and Hip Hop. It initially toured North America since its inception in 1997, but since 2004 it now calls Chicago, Illinois home. Popular artists that have played at Lollapalooza have included: MGMT, DeadMau5, Audioslave, Soundgarden, Calvin Harris and Lady Gaga.

8. Rock im Park/Rock am Ring


Known as the biggest rock music festival in Germany, Rock am Park/Rock am Ring are two simultaneous music festivals that take place in Nuremburg and Nurberg. During this 3 day even artists perform at both cities. Artists that have performed include: Smashing Punkins, Van Halen, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, Evanescence, Stone Sour, Incubus, A Day to Remember, and Linkin Park.

9. Summerfest


Also known as “The Big Gig,” takes place annually in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for 11 days, with performances at 11 stages. (A big gig, indeed). It runs from June through July, even including the 4th of July so you an expect some epic fireworks. Since its inception in 1968, it’s hosted all types of artists. Some include: Janet Jackson, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Alanis Morissette and Rascal Flatts.

10. Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, Spain.


(That sounds like a handful to say.) Commonly known as FIB, this spanish festival mainly focuses on rock, pop and electronic artists and has been known to have side activities like fashion shows, short films and art. Being close to the beaches, this seems like one helluva party. Notable past performers have been: Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis and Bob Dylan.

Sick of Tough Mudder? Try Out These Events

There are many festivals around the world that offer, in one way or another, strange, interesting and challenging alternatives to the much-vaunted, and much loved (for “loved” read “endured”) Tough Mudder challenge events.

The Tough Mudder has, of course, thrown off a plethora of similar events that involve not only mud, blood and buckets of glory, but also barbed wire crawls, electric shocks, extreme weather, extreme terrain, extreme…well, everything. However, here’s a list of international festivals and events that put a different spin on the word “extreme”. Here are 13 of the best.


1. The World Wife-Carrying Championship: Sonkajarvi, Finland.


Working on the three-fold assumption that you are (a) married, (b) completely mad, and (c) married to someone who is both incredibly understanding and tolerant but also as mad as you, this is an unmissable annual festival held every July in the land of the midnight sun. Competitors attempt to carry their wife over a 253.5 meter obstacle course. And don’t get the idea that the wife is being carried in a dignified, bride-across-the-threshold posture. Think more large sack of potatoes meets fireman’s lift. For men who enjoy extreme wife-carrying, and for women who enjoy being carried upside down over rough terrain with their faces being banged bounced against their husbands’ backsides, this event is a winner!

2. World Annual Cheese Rolling Festival: Cooper’s Hill, Gloucestershire, England.

Competitors chase an 11-pound wheel of cheese down a hill during the Inaugural Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival in Whistler

Not much mud, but a ridiculously steep hill down which contestants chase at full speed, risking fractures to ankles, legs, and necks, a huge 8 lb Double Gloucester cheese. But of course! So obvious when you think about it.


3. La Tomatina Festival: Bunol, Spain.


Nothing says European Vacation as much as joining together with 30,000 other completely crazy people every year in a small and scenic Spanish town in order to throw around 100,000 lbs of tomatoes at each other.


4. El Colacho (Baby Jumping Festival): Castrillo de Murcia, Spain.


If you’re going to La Tomatina (see above), why not arrive a month early and take time to join in the fun at El Colacho? It’s an ancient and culturally rich festival in which men, dressed (naturally) as demons, compete to see which of them can leap over a row of baby children. Forget about bull fighting, this is pure Hemingway!


5. Hadaki Matsuri (Naked Festival): Konomiya, Japan.


OK, it’s not entirely “naked”, since the male revelers strip down only to a traditional loin cloth, but, hey, this is Japan. The idea is to throw large quantities of mud and water all over your (semi-) naked co-revelers. Curiously, the whole thing is spiritual since it’s all about purifying one’s soul. Yep.


6. The Testicle Festival: Clinton, Montana, USA.


If you’re over 21 and have an appetite for nudity, wrestling in oil, and eating the private parts of bovines, this is the festival for you. Not, perhaps, so much of an endurance sport as Tough Mudder, but a plateful of bulls’ testicles and/or penises might tax even the hardiest extreme obstacle course racer. So, what are you doing in August?


7. The World Toe Wrestling Championships: Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England.


The name says it all. Competitors lie down and lock toes and wrestle their opponent’s feet into submission. Think, arm-wresting with a macho foot-fetish.


8. The Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race: Brawby, North Yorkshire, England.


OK, a word of explanation. In case you don’t know what a Yorkshire Pudding is, it’s a doughy pudding-pie made of flour, water and egg – traditionally served with roast beef. They’re similar to popovers only a bit bigger and often hollow in the middle. So, the Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race is…er…a real-life boat race in which competitors make, sit in, and paddle human-size Yorkshire Puddings across a large pond. The only concession to waterproofing is a quick application of varnish.


9. Ivrea Orange Festival: Ivrea, Italy.


A bit like the Tomatina (see above), but with oranges instead of tomatoes. Oranges are, of course, rather more solid that your average tomato, so getting hit with one hurts a bit more. Which is, in many ways, appropriate since this festival is held every year in June to commemorate a medieval battle.


10. The World Bog Snorkeling Championships: Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales.


Tough Mudders may run through mud, bog snorkelers swim through it. While breathing through a snorkel! Held every August, this festival of all things bog snorkeling sees competitors race to snorkel their way the fastest through a 60 foot stretch of liquid, muddy bog.


11. Pourcailhade (The Festival of the Pig): Trie Sur Baise, France.


A must in August every year for all serious competitors in sausage eating contests, and piglet racing fanatics. Most important of all, for those of you who have dedicated your time and talent to the ancient and noble sport of pig imitating, this is the festival du monde!


12. Cow Painting Festival: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.


Purists, of course, might argue that the only true cow-painting sport involves painting live cows, but the good people of Luxembourg are enlightened enough to know that, like skeet shooting, fake cows are now a more than humane replacement. The cow painting season runs from April to September which gives you plenty of time to connect with your inner bovine muse!


13.The World Mosquito Killing Championship: Pelkosenniemi, Finland.


The country that gives us the World Wife-Carrying Festival (see above), should be trusted with giving us perhaps the oddest Festival. How many mosquitoes can you swat in 5 minutes? If you fancy your chances, the record in 21.